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For the past fifteen years I have been working as a fundraising manager. I studied at the Fundraising Academy in Frankfurt/Main.
I help third sector organizations to develop their own, authentic fundraising activities and accompany them in their progress. I have set up foundations and I also advise them.

Fundraising is Friend-Raising for the Long Run
Fundraising is governed by marketing principles: donors and sponsors are customers. Fundraising is hence the art of mediating between the objectives of the organization and the visions of the donor. For donors want to give from the heart, in trust and enthusiasm. If this can be achieved, the client will become a lasting friend. Perhaps lifelong – and for posterity. Organizations and donors must develop a rapport. This means propositions must be made to measure. Fundraising requires the right communication.
And often the proposition that really fits still has to be developed: customers have their own ideas about how much they can afford for a better world.
My job involves optimising fundraising activities and enabling members of organizations to become fundraisers themselves. This means I seek to identify their endogenous strengths. And I advise organizations on how to present themselves communicatively to their best advantage.

Advising Foundations
This calls for the art of mediation: the lively and successful development of a foundation, too, depends on a commitment to a culture of dialogue. Foundations must be prepared to communicate their purpose publicly. And, within the limits of their statutes, they must reach out to potential donors and sponsors; they must develop projects with which they can fully identify. Such advice is particularly important when setting up a foundation. For the culture of communication, which is decisive for growth, must be implanted from the very outset. Moreover, a foundation can offer people an umbrella under which they can realize their individual philanthropic interests by establishing special-purpose funds.
From 2003 to 2009 I managed the installation and the consolidation of the Community Foundation in Neukölln, one of the most deprived districts of Berlin. Under difficult conditions, I won more than a hundred donors. The orientation of the foundation is multi-ethnic, and the particular aim is to win immigrants as donors and to concentrate operative work on integration in this urban district with a population of 300.000 (www.neukoelln-plus.de).
Since 2010 I have been working for the construction of the German Tinnitus Foundation Charité whose managing director I became in 2011. There are four main purposes: to finance research into the origins of a condition that claims 11 million victims in Germany alone, and to develop therapies. Second, to further international communication in research; for example, in 2014 we organized the Tinnitus World Congress ITS14 and in 2018 will be staging the Inner Ear Biology World Congress. Thirdly, we work to raise public awareness of tinnitus; and finally we engage in prevention work targeting young people. Our teams reach tens of thousands at innumerable music festivals, offering advice on preventing damage to hearing. For details go to our English website: www.deutsche-tinnitus-stiftung-charite.de/en/home/

Biographical notes

I was born in Lahr in the Black Forest in 1950 in a working class family. From 1969 to 1976, I studied Protestant theology. After completing my degree I continued my studies in Paris and afterwards worked there in the XVIII arrondissement as minister of the Eglise Réformée de France and the Mission Populaire Evangélique de France; apart from my pastoral functions, I was involved in solidarity work with Latin America and integration work.
For twenty years I engaged in academic research, teaching for five years at the Free University of Berlin. The focus of my research was the relationship between Church, labour movement, and National Socialism. I subsequently did research on the reconciliation activities of foreign Christians in Berlin immediately after the Second World War. Among them were young people from Britain and the United States. On these subjects I have published books and articles.
In 2002 I took up my studies at the Fundraising Academy Frankfurt/Main where I gained a diploma in fundraising management.
After working for the Neukölln Community Foundation (2003-2009), I set up my own business.
Since 2011 I have been managing director of the German Tinnitus Foundation Charité.
And I engage in various nonprofit projects in scientific, academic, and church circles. Please see Ehrenamt and Forschung.


Public events

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